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April 22 – Clean Up!

On April 22, PCMA Canada East invites you to Clean up your neighbourhood!

Gather your family and friends to clean up your neighbourhood by picking litter in your local park. Enjoy the time outdoors safely to see instant results in your community.

Here’s what you need:

  • Plastic bag to collect trash
  • Gloves – important as we practice COVID-19 safety measures
  • Optional – pick-up stick, separate bag for recyclables


  • Take all the necessary precautions, including wearing gloves, being careful on river banks or near roads. Always supervise underaged children closely
  • Clear out litter from a public space, your neighbourhood, school yard or street
  • You can pick your favourite walk and do a one-time sweep, or make clean up a regular family event
  • Properly dispose of all litter
  • Compete with your fellow cleaners by turning trash collecting into a “Rubbish Race” to see who can pick up the most trash the fastest

Capture your Cleaning Moment!

Snap a few photos of your successful neighbourhood clean up tag and PCMA Canada East along with the following hashtags #PCMAEarthDay and #PlanItForThePlanet

Together we will restore our earth.  Be part of the plan!

The Community Service & Sustainability Committee of PCMA Canada East thanks you for your participation!

Canada East PCMAApril 22 – Clean Up!