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Canada East has been ONLINE all Year!

This year PCMA Canada East launched the LIVE-ED project, the idea was to have all our workshops sessions broadcast live but using various technologies available. From Facebook Live, Slidelive, LiveScale, Webcasting with Chorus Call to a Webex service with Go to Webinar. You will be able to learn about What worked and Lessons Learned on PCMA Canada East Chapter’s LIVE-ED initiative during a workshop presented at the upcoming PCMA Canada East Chapter 2017 Canadian Innovation Conference in Niagara Falls.

Take a look back at the 2017 Canada East workshops!
Budget Pressures and how to do more with less in 2017!
Experts from various industries share their recipes for savings costs while not jeopardizing the creative aspect of your events as well as its success. (February 2017)
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How to Get Record Attendance at Your Next Event: 7 Proven Strategies That Won’t Cost You a Dime
Ron Rosenberg will show you the hidden secrets to setting record attendance at your conferences, retreats, and workshops. (May 2017)
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Create Engagement
In this highly interactive session, Roger Haskett explores fascinating new research and case studies in Neuroscience, Sociology, and Psychology which prove that engagement is the ultimate vehicle to create active participation and the ‘lean-in’ effect. (September 2017)
View the Workshop here (Passcode 17194)
Work Life Integration
Nova Browning Rutherford masterfully weaves life lessons she’s gathered from her career in Hollywood to deliver instantly relatable presentations. Audiences walk away with a fresh appreciation for their past, a bold affirmation of their power to transform their current experience, and effective tools to manifest dreams into future success. You can view the speakers powerpoint here. (October 2017)
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Canada East PCMACanada East has been ONLINE all Year!