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Check out #PCMACE‘s Director of Industry Relations & Promotions, Joanne St-Pierre, on the latest episode on the Event Compass #Podcast with Aurore Bonvalot.

Episode # 31 – Promoting corporate events through PCMA, with Joanne St-Pierre.

The podcast that takes you behind the scenes of event planning: tips, strategies, interviews with experts in the field and coaching lessons.

Good reasons to listen to it:
– PCMA support for event organizers
– Did virtual events really get us through the crisis?
– The importance of continuing education
– The pulse of the major players in the events industry
– The turning points made by the PCMA following covid-19
– Are you CMP certified? PCMA supports you!

Visit – for a listen.

Please note, the podcast is in French but we do have a high level English translated version. Please email to obtain your English transcript.

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