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Throwback Thursday

Check out this write up submitted to The Membership Management Report © 2020 talking about the Canadian Innovation Conference and the student activation with Collège Mérici students!

“Last fall, at our PCMA Canada East Chapter’s flagship event, the Canadian Innovation Conference 2019 (held in Quebec City), we had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the future professionals of our industry. Under the leadership of their instructor, Karen Miller, six students from the Collège Mérici’s School of Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurants brought their book learning to life at our conference.

As part of their school curriculum on hotel sales, and in advance of the conference, each student was partnered with a local hotel to learn about their property, business markets, unique features, sales strategies — and ultimately, how to ‘represent their property’ to event planners.

These students invested tremendous energy in preparing display materials for the conference and curated thoughtful responses to a host of potential questions typically posed by planners. And then, at the conference — they became the ‘sellers.’ Our conference attendees were encouraged to interact with these ‘sellers’ and put them through their paces … and wow, did they ever! Engaging in sales conversations
gave these students a real-life taste of hotel sales, and more
importantly, an opportunity to interact and network with their future industry peers while getting a taste of PCMA Canada East Chapter. Based on the positive feedback — and the undeniable energy onsite — it was a fantastic activation for both students and attendees.”

Heather Reid, PCMA CIC 2019 Co-chair, and Founder and CEO, Planner Protect, London, Ontario, Canada.
Phone (519) 318-5194.

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