Become a venue host or audio visual sponsor for the PCMA Canada East Chapter 2019!

Submission Deadline is October 26, 2018

The Canada East Chapter of PCMA offers cutting-edge programs, community service projects, professional recognition, and many other opportunities for members.

We are committed to supporting future industry leaders through our scholarship program with area community colleges & universities by providing endowments to students pursuing careers in the meetings industry.

The Canada East Chapter is looking for a venue host and audio visual sponsor for our upcoming workshops, social events and board meetings in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Special consideration will be given to a property that canĀ offer meeting space and A/V complimentary

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Stay tuned for information on our 2019 Sponsorship Program!

Patrick Guidote
2019 Sponsorship Director, PCMA Canada EastĀ Chapter
Tel: 1-514-225-2239| Email:pguidote@meetingencore.com

PCMA Canada East Chapter Secretariat
6 Lansing Square, Suite 214
Toronto, ON M2J 1T5
Tel: 416-595-9615
Email: canadaeast@pcma.org

Rebecca SchingelSponsorship