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Call for 2023 Volunteers

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Call for 2023 Volunteers Is Now Open 

One of the best ways to further enhance your professional development and meet many new friends and contacts is to volunteer for a PCMA Canada East committee.

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Golden Heart Initiative

This world needs some healing after what we endured as a result of the pandemic, and acts of kindness would give our hearts something to believe in. Our heart is full of love, and we are requesting your assistance this year to spread it out and pay it forward in any way you see fit to anyone. Giving a letter of support or encouragement, baking cookies for the elderly, paying someone’s parking fine, contributing to the PCMA Foundation program, taking the time to listen to someone, posting some encouraging messages online, lending a helping hand to a family member, letting someone go in front of you in line, or engaging in some kind of charitable activity are all examples of acts that could be performed.

We will randomly select a story from among all of our PCMA members that shared their experiences with us, and share it with the world through a post on social and in our newsletter (150-200 words) and a photo (of your experience). We hope that by doing this, many others will follow suit and assist us in spreading kindness throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

Think about how different our world would be if everyone took a few minutes out of their week to do something for someone else. The majority of us get caught up in our own lives and the daily business that we put on ourselves, forgetting that the simplest of actions may make the most significant influence on someone else. Let your golden hearts shine brightly, this year and always!

Send your story, and any pictures to go with it, to [email protected].

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